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Every portable building we construct comes with these quality features...

• Exposed nails are galvanized for no rust spots or stains.

• 30 year rated asphalt shingles with aluminum roof edge - 6 colors available.

• Series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.

• Powder coated steel hardware, including heavy duty decorative tear drop hinges.

• Buildings are measured outside wall to outside wall not eave to eave as with some competitors.

• The 2”x4” reinforced doors are designed tightly for security and are key locked for your protection.

• Every other 2”x4” wall stud is doubled up to make a 4”x4” wall stud for extra strength and support.

• Exterior siding is sprayed with a weather barrier sealer to help retain their new look longer and resist fading.

• Two 4”x6” treated runners under the entire length of the building. 10', 12’, 14’ and 16’ wide buildings have 4 runners for support.

• All exposed lumber is pressure treated against termites and decay, (4”x6” runners, floor joists, plywood floors, T111 siding and trim).

• Diamond Buildings will match any competitor's price on EQUAL quality buildings with official proof of competition prices and features.






















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